About Us


I have been an avid rock hounder for over 35 years and when l prospect for new stones l feel a special connection to mother earth . I hold a valid miners certificate from the province of British Columbia ( #223721) and have since 2007 I have mineral claims in British Columbia and many of the gemstones and agates that I use in my handmade wearable earth art jewelry come from these sites. All the semi - precious stones that I use in my jewelry are GENUINE, the bulk of them coming from British Columbia , Jade , Garnet, Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz,Tourmaline, just to name a few. I also import exotic gemstones from around the world Fire Agates, Russian Amazonite, Turquoise from various sources in Nevada and Arizona I also have an extensive network of gem dealers I dealt with during my years in the jewelry store business. I DO NOT IMPORT JEWELRY FOR RESALE FROM COUNTRIES THAT IS ALREADY ASSEMBLED. ALL MY JEWELRY IS HAND MADE BY MYSELF. All my forged line of jewelry is done in the traditional fashion over an open fire forge and hand formed or hammered for a beautiful texture then polished to a high sheen or satin finish . I use material that is totally hypo-allergenic with no nickel or cadmium content what so ever. I do custom orders, plus restorations of antique jewelry and can recycle your old jewelry into new redesigned statement pieces, l am also a proud member of SRAJD (4013 ) Self Representing Artists ln Jewelry Design this is an international organization of jewelry designers who create and sell their own jewelry .. When you purchase from me you will own a very unique piece of wearable or organic earth jewelry art that is never replicated but admired by your friends and family for years to come. Check me out on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/wandahaworthdesigns and twitter at designwanda@twitter.com